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12 Days of Arc Angels

An “Arc Angel” is someone who has been nominated for moving The Arc Northern Chesapeake Region’s mission forward, “Empowering people with differing abilities to live, work and thrive in the community.”

Please read about our twelve Arc Angels listed below and be inspired to support our mission. We understand you have many wonderful choices to give to this season. So, we invite you to read about examples of what your donor dollars will be funding. This holiday season, give something that means something. Click here to donate.

Kim and Rusty Shuler are passionate about children. “I can’t imagine what it would be like to be separated from my family,” says Kim. “We opened up our home to children that need a place to live, whether it’s temporary or long term, until their home situation improves, or an adoptive family becomes available.”  Kim and Rusty are Treatment Foster Care parents for The Arc NCR and have been fostering for over 20 years. The couple has created a caring home for various ages of children both temporarily and/or permanently over the last two decades. Recently three of their children took part in an Adaptive & Sensory Clothing Fashion Show at The Arc NCR’s Annual Sprout Film & Art Festival.  Elijah and Austin are 11-year old twins that the Shuler’s adopted in 2015. The boys modeled the adaptive clothing lines in the fashion show along with their “new” sister Ch’Miya who is 11 years old and officially joined the family in May of 2019.  Congratulations to the Shuler Family as being our 1st Arc Angel for this holiday season!

Tyrone is a dishwasher at Humagalas restaurant who has been embraced by the Huma Team in a way that has allowed him to thrive. Tyrone was recently recognized and awarded for demonstrating personal growth among those receiving Employment Services. Employment with Humagalas has impacted Tyrone’s life in a great way. Humagalas Brand Ambassador and Manager stated, “I highly recommend hiring someone from The Arc NCR, the only thing is, you can’t have Tyrone. He’s Team Huma.” Tyrone has a positive energy and has embraced his independence and loves his new work family. Congratulations to Tyrone for being our 2nd Arc Angel for this holiday season!

Rachael and Alayna are true BFF’s! They both moved into one of The Arc NCR’s Community Living homes in 2019 and have quickly built a friendship for “The Arc” of their lifetime. The two friends enjoy shopping together at the Harford Mall, listening to Darius Rucker and Kid’s Bop music and getting their manicures done together each week. In addition, they have started using an app called Comm Board to communicate with one another. Recently the two friends were models in The Arc NCR’s Adaptive & Sensory Clothing Fashion Show for the 2019 Annual Sprout Film and Art Festival.  Congratulations to Rachael and Alayna for being our 3rd Arc Angel for the 2019 holiday season!

Rozy works at the Havre de Grace Senior Center as a fitness instructor and has a passion for helping people. She teaches a variety of classes, specifically Zumba to senior individuals supported by The Arc NCR’s Community Partners Program. Rozy met the individuals approximately 3 years ago when she took over the class from a previous instructor. Rozy said at that time, most people just sat and looked at her and had no interest or desire to participate. She said she knew she had to do something to start engaging them and get them moving. Rozy decided to create a fun play list of songs that are hard to resist at least a little toe tapping. First on the list was “Uptown Funk” by Bruno Mars. She now calls that the unofficial “National Anthem” of the class. Since that time, she has managed to turn the class around. If you speak to any of the senior individuals that attend her class, they can’t stop smiling and talking about Thursday morning Zumba. Rozy said everyone deserves to be treated equally, and when she first met the individuals, she did not see any disabilities. If a person couldn’t stand, they could sit and tap their toes, move their arms or dance in their place. She doesn’t care if they’re following her movements exactly, she just wants them to move. She continually encourages them during the class and tells them they can do it. Rozy said she believes a “happy heart is the best medicine.” Congratulations Rozy for being our 4th Arc Angel for 2019!

Our 5th Arc Angel for this holiday season is Freedom Federal Credit Union (FFCU).  FFCU has been a long-standing donor and has donated annually since 2011.  Contributions have been made to the annual After d’Arc Gala, including being the 2020 After d’Arc Gala’s Title Sponsor, Golf Tournament, Sprout Film & Art Festival and membership. In addition, the organization has provided holiday gifts to the Community Living program for several years.  Sue Manning, Business Development Manager at FFCU, has been a long-time volunteer, a Foundation board member since 2013, served as Secretary of the Foundation Board and serves annually on the After d’Arc Gala Planning Committee.  Carmen Mirabile, Senior Vice-President of Marketing for FFCU, has also been involved for the past two years on the Sprout Film & Art Festival Viewing Committee.  The Arc NCR is so blessed to have this long-term partnership with Freedom Federal Credit Union.  Congratulations to FFCU as being our 5th Arc Angel for this 2019 holiday season!

Melissa Irman and Ashley W. have been connected through The Arc NCR for over 2 years now. Melissa really felt a connection with Ashley and sought out Personal Supports to see if she could work with her. For almost the past year, Melissa has been working with Ashley in Personal Supports, as well as being her driver, taking her to and from work daily. In addition, Melissa has developed a great relationship with Ashley’s family, having the opportunity to get to know them when picking up and dropping off Ashley at her home. Since the two have been spending quality time together, the transformation in Ashley has been simply amazing!

Ashley is a lovely, very quiet young woman. She is polite and always smiling but takes a back seat (literally) to everyone in the room and on the bus. She does not draw attention to herself and tries to blend in. Through 1:1 coaching with Ashley, Melissa has supported her confidence and created a safe environment for Ashley to blossom. Ashley is more talkative than ever, sometimes initiating conversation. The pair went to The Arc NCR’s After d’Arc Gala, where Ashley danced and met with community members, county leaders, board members, other individuals and staff. Another activity Ashley has taken on, which she did not do prior to Melissa’s encouragement and support, is karaoke! She stood up in front of many people and sang all by herself. It was amazing to see her confidence in doing so. This would not have been possible without her courage and hard work. Her family, staff and friends have noticed the difference. This is a wonderful example of how people can grow with coaching, patience and encouragement. Ashley is following The Arc NCR’s mission which is to live, work and thrive in the community! Our 6th Arc Angel is Melissa and Ashley! Congratulations to you both!

The 7th Arc Angel for this 2019 holiday season is one of our own, Hillary Scroggins. Hillary is a Personal Supports Supervisor who is responsible for case management and staffing to support individuals on her case load so that they can meet their goals as they live, work and thrive in the community. Hillary goes far above her job duties in ensuring quality staffing, which often means she works long hours and weekends when necessary. In addition, this year Hillary worked with a new individual, who required support all week, including early mornings and weekends, all while supporting the rest of her team.  Hillary advocated for this person by working with the clinical team to make communication charts to better assist them. The supported person now has a permanent staff who is able to support them in their home and community! Great job Hillary in being a true Arc Angel at The Arc NCR!

Mike Sacra has been volunteering his time and talents to teach guitar lessons to Corey for the past few months. They meet every week to have a “jam session” together at The Arc NCR. Mike contacted the organization looking for volunteer opportunities because he was interested in giving back to the community. He also wanted to spend more time doing what he loves, playing guitar. One of Corey’s goals is to learn how to play guitar, making them a perfect match. Corey looks forward to meeting with Mike each week where they are often heard having a jam session.  Thank you, Mike, for donating your time and talents to The Arc NCR.  For these reasons, you are our 8th Arc Angel of this holiday season!

Jason is a part of the Employment Services program, working at ShopRite of Aberdeen for almost 20 years.  Jason is a porter and always strives to be the best he can be in his position.  This past year he has grown by leaps and bounds, evolving into a confident, independent worker. He is always ready to happily help customers and coworkers in all weather conditions, and is described as an employee who is happy, helpful, flexible and a “go getter.” In addition, Jason is starting the process of working on his GED.  This year Jason won an Employee Award of Merit at the Harford County Commission on Disabilities Annual Employment Recognition Lunch.  Congratulations Jason on being The Arc NCR’s  9th Arc Angel for the 2019 holiday season!

Shay has been a member of The Arc NCR team for a little over a year. She works in one of the organization’s Community Living homes supporting individuals with differing abilities. What has set Shay apart is the leader that she is becoming within the home.  Shay’s leadership is making a positive impact on both the staff at the house and the individuals who live there.

When an individual at the home was having some medical difficulties, Shay agreed to sit down with the individual, her family, and the nursing staff to discuss what was going on, raise any concerns that she had, and work to find an agreeable solution to the issues. Shay spoke up for the entire house to advocate for what was needed to best support that individual. Changes were made based on this meeting and everyone came out with a better understanding of how to provide care for this person.

More recently, Shay worked to advocate for another individual in the home who had just recently moved out of her family’s home for the first time. This person’s transition into The Arc NCR was difficult. She wanted to remain in her family’s home, and often viewed her new house as just a house, not a home. Shay has worked to advocate on this person’s behalf to try and support her in making this her new home. She learned the individual’s interests and has provided her with opportunities to explore those interests. She loves being outdoors, so Shay finds new and creative ways to allow her to be outside. Shay also noticed that additional communication was needed with the family and she spent time talking to them and letting others know that it would be helpful to grow that communication.

Shay embodies the mission of a Direct Support Professional at The Arc NCR. When asked what her favorite part of her job was, she quoted, “I love seeing the supported individuals smile and it means so much to make a difference in their lives.” Congratulations to Shay on being our 10th Arc Angel for the 2019 holiday season!

United Souvenir & Apparel is one of The Arc NCR’s new employers, hiring two individuals from the organization.  David and Taylor are truly thriving in their work environment!

The Development Team met the President and Owner of United Apparel & Souvenir, Joe Bradley, at the 2019 SIAB Charity Golf Tournament.  It was there that Joe heard one of the supported individuals from The Arc NCR speak about his employment experience.  This individual spoke on what it meant to him to have a steady, paying job.  That same night, Joe reached out to The Arc NCR team about possibly hiring a few individuals with differing abilities at his organization. A meeting was set up to discuss the opportunity with the Employment Team at The Arc NCR and so began this new partnership. “The transition has been smooth and it is so amazing to see our team rally around David and Taylor,” quotes Joe. Thank you to Joe and United Apparel & Souvenir for partnering with The Arc NCR and being our 11th Arc Angel for the 2019 holiday season!

Our final Arc Angel for this 2019 holiday season is Nancy McKee.  Nancy has been involved with The Arc NCR for decades. She has a family member who is supported by The Arc NCR and has been involved in various roles over the years.  Nancy was President of the Governing Board from 2002-2004.  She is a Legacy Society member, lifetime member of The Arc NCR and an active donor since the 90’s.  She loves attending several of our events each year such as the Annual After d’Arc Gala, Sprout Film & Art Festival and the Annual Meeting. She was the winner of the 2019 CEO Legacy Award and continues to engage on the Retention Committee at The Arc NCR! She also continues to connect the organization with several foundations that have resulted in grant funding.  Thank you to Nancy for your continued support of The Arc NCR and we are so happy you are our 12th Arc Angel for the 2019 holiday season!

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