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As we think about the work we do in the community, we never forget it is the community itself who makes our mission possible. Last year, thanks to your support of our Fund the Need campaign, we raised $22,000 for our Supported Living program. This money fully funded much-needed repairs to two of our homes. For one house, it provided a new roof to keep a trio of roommates warm and dry, which has truly come in handy during this winter’s storms!

The other repairs were made to one of our medically fragile homes. We were able to install new floors, new windows that keep out the cold air, sliding doors that allow our residents to easily access their backyard, and wall repairs and painting to truly make their house a home.

This year, we are raising money for Assistive Technology – a need so great, it is something we sometimes take for granted. We use technology every day…be it our phones, a computer, turning on a lamp, or communicating with a loved one. Imagine how difficult life would be if we didn’t have access to this technology!

People with differing abilities are no different from you and I – they need technology to assist them in their daily lives. Our goal is to raise $25,000 to provide Assistive Technology for the people we support. Assistive Technology comes in so many forms: iPads/tablets, apps, large-print keyboards, weighted eating utensils, power wheelchairs, assistive reading devices, and much more.

We hope you will join us in our mission to provide these forms of technology to empower people with differing abilities to live, work and play in our community.

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