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Paige Beemer

Title/Department: Administrative/Community Living

# of Years with The Arc NCR: 4.85 Years

Nominated by: Lauren Neubauer

Here are the Highlights from Paige’s nomination:

Advocating for Supported Individuals

Paige is a true advocate for individuals we support at The Arc NCR! Paige noticed that one of the individuals we support was wearing the same work pants daily.  In a positive way, she asked this individual about it. After discussing this topic with him, she realized that he needed new work pants so she advocated for him and spoke with his staff to help him purchase a new pair of pants.

Enhancing Community Participation for Supported Individuals

Anytime an event is happening such as a Prom or Dance, Paige ensures that the individuals we support have the funds and outfits to attend these events.  She is caring and supportive and she promotes community participation for all individuals we support. Paige always has compassion for the individuals supported by The Arc NCR!

Top Three Attributes

  • Hardworking
  • Caring
  • Sincere

Thank you for making a difference in the lives of those supported by The Arc Northern Chesapeake Region. It is an honor to celebrate your work and commitment to our mission.

To learn more about the work of The Arc Northern Chesapeake Region and how you can support it, contact Development at or call 410-837-7177.





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