Patricia B.

Title/Department: Community Coach/Community Partners
# of Years with The Arc NCR: 6 months
Nominated by: April M, Rachel F., and Micayah J.

Here are the highlights from Patricia’s nominations.

Advocating for Supported Individuals

Patricia helps individuals participate in community bingo.  There are a few individuals she supports that are unable to communicate verbally.  Patricia makes sure there is someone to support them in shouting out “bingo!” if they have won and makes sure that everyone is able to understand the announcer.  She encourages participation regardless of disability. Individuals appreciate her support and enjoy engaging in the activity.

Enhancing Community Participation for Supported Individuals

She is always on the lookout for new activities. She has been building a relationship with a local church and now the seniors group has been attending regularly.  They have enjoyed activities with others in the community and have volunteered making lunches for people who come in need of a meal.

Top Three Attributes

  • She is an excellent advocate.
  • She respects the individuals that she supports.
  • She has passion for her job.

Thank you for making a difference in the lives of those supported by The Arc Northern Chesapeake Region. It is an honor to celebrate your work and commitment to our mission.

To learn more about the work of The Arc Northern Chesapeake Region and how you can support it, contact Development at or call 410-837-7177.




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