Sam R.

Title/Department: Discovery Support Coach/Employment Services
# of Years with The Arc NCR: 5 months
Nominated by: Madicella M.

Here are the highlights from Sam’s nomination.

Demonstrating The Arc NCR’s Mission

Sam empowers individuals to use their voice and to think for themselves.  He provides information regarding the “why” behind events. His documentation is quality driven and relevant. He goes above and beyond providing more information related directly to the person when at training sites rather than a generic list of tasks completed. The personalization to material in class and the connection with each individual is noticed.  Sam seeks out innovative ways to engage and train individuals so that trainings are more successful and rewarding.  Recently, Sam researched team building activities and supported individuals built a SpiderBot together.  The group was extremely engaged and learned a lot about the exercise; including, working together, following instructions, how to put parts together, and many more skills.

Enhancing Community Participation for Supported Individuals

Sam engaged a group of supported individuals to visit a local farm called Restoration Farms.  Individuals were taught how to fish in the pond, work together and engage in the local community.  The group came back eager to share their experience and a photo to prove their day of fun. A parent even mentioned how excited their daughter was to have that experience and learn something new.

Top Three Attributes

  • Advocacy-Sam is a true advocate for the individuals he teaches. He actively listens and wants to find the best way to support the person and their needs.
  • Collaborator-Sam works well with each team member and does not hesitate to reach out to others when needed.
  • Innovative-Sam looks for creative ways to engage others and is looking for ways to keep the momentum going.

Thank you for making a difference in the lives of those supported by The Arc Northern Chesapeake Region. It is an honor to celebrate your work and commitment to our mission.

To learn more about the work of The Arc Northern Chesapeake Region and how you can support it, contact Development at or call 410-837-7177.




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