Title/Department: Discovery Coach/Employment Services
# of Years with The Arc NCR: 3 months
Nominated by: Shelby A. and Cyril K.

Here are the highlights from Sharmaine’s nomination.

Advocating for Supported Individuals

She is dedicated to helping each individual thrive in their employment. One instance in particular, Sharmaine brought to the attention of others that there may be underlying reasons for someone’s current behaviors. A new transitioning youth has had difficulty adjusting to the freedom of adulthood and getting in the routine of his new program. Sharmaine, thinking outside of the box, stated that his medications may be the cause of some of these behaviors due to the biological effects the particular medications can have. This was brought to a team meeting and together they realized this was likely the cause. The dedication Sharmaine has to the individuals is astounding and helps individuals to live, work, and thrive daily.

Displaying Leadership

Without hesitation Sharmaine offers to pitch in and help provide coverage to the Employment Services team. Over the past month she has been helping to cover the evening janitorial shift to ensure that everyone has support. If job coaches need support after hours, Sharmaine is always able to assist. She possesses the skills of a leader and is an incredible team player.

Top Three Attributes

  • Mission Driven
  • Compassionate
  • Flexible

Thank you for making a difference in the lives of those supported by The Arc Northern Chesapeake Region. It is an honor to celebrate your work and commitment to our mission.

To learn more about the work of The Arc Northern Chesapeake Region and how you can support it, contact Development at or call 410-837-7177.




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