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Old 12 Days of Arc Angels

12 Days of Arc Angels

This holiday season, give something that means something.

Snowflakes, sleigh bells, and time spent with family and friends. For many people, this is the most wonderful time of the year! At The Arc Northern Chesapeake Region, we encourage you to remember those in need amidst the festivities.

We understand you have many wonderful choices to give to this season. So, we invite you to read about examples of what your donor dollars will be funding. Over the next 12 business days, we’ll post a daily success story about our Arc Angels – donors, people we support and community members who support our mission at The Arc NCR.

For many individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities, The Arc NCR is the only family they have. During the holiday season, we strive to create special and festive memories for the individuals and children with differing abilities we support. It is an opportunity to help people in ways they cannot help themselves. If our stories inspire you to support our mission, we thank you kindly in advance.

DONATE ONLINE: Please click here to donate online.  Thank you for your support!

DONATE BY MAIL: Please make your check payable to The Arc Northern Chesapeake Region and mail to:

The Arc Northern Chesapeake Region
4513 Philadelphia Road
Aberdeen, MD 21001
Phone: 410-836-7177
Fax: 410-893-3909

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