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Family Support Services (FSS) is designed to provide support to families of children with differing abilities living in the community. People lead complex lives that can utilize an array of integrated supports to achieve a meaningful and quality life. The program offers resource information and referrals, informational workshops and trainings, assistance locating funding resources, advocacy in obtaining and maneuvering community resources and respite care services. Any Harford or Cecil family birth through end of life is eligible for our services.

Respite is a program that assists families with help when needed to care for a loved one in the absence of the primary caregiver. The Arc NCR can help manage funded respite dollars or assist in locating and providing of supports for families in Harford and Cecil county. Any Harford or Cecil family birth through end of life is eligible for our services.


What does FSS offer?

  • Advocacy in obtaining and maneuvering community resources.
  • Resource information and referral.
  • Assistance locating funding resources.



Is my family eligible for Family Support Services?

Any Harford or Cecil family of a child with a developmental disability between the ages of birth through the end of life is eligible for our services.


Do you or a loved one need financial assistance in order to have respite services?  Families may be eligible for emergency funding for respite. Contact Phil Givens at 443-412-5490 for details.

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Information for Families

V-LINC’s What I Wish for My Child is an annual program designed to help realize the dreams of children with disabilities in Central Maryland. Families of these children know how difficult it can be when their sons or daughters cannot participate in the activities that other children can. Each spring, V-LINC takes requests from parents who have a wish for their child, ages 2-21.

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New for 2019!

Are you an existing family who wants to be involved? Join our Family Advisory Committee by contacting the Director of Community & Family Supports at The Arc NCR, Jamie Stoner.  She can be reached at 443-412-5451 or email her at

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Charting the Life Course

Individuals and families can focus on a specific life stage, with an awareness of how prior, current and future life stages and experiences impact and influence life trajectory. It is important to have a vision for a good, quality life, and have opportunities, experiences and support to move the life trajectory in a positive direction.  The icons represent the different ages/stages of life from pre-natal/birth through aging/end of life.  Resources are listed by each life stage and life category for you to ask or think about in order to plot a course toward a meaningful life, now and in the future. Individuals and families can choose to look at just one domain, one life stage, or look ahead to think about or have conversations about the future.

Select one of the life stages below to get connected with the resources you need:






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