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Ann’s Garden


Artist: Kathy Proctor 

Medium/Media: Oil Painting  

Proceeds from Artwork will be donated to The Arc NCR. 

Meet the Artist: I’ve been painting and drawing all my life. But since retiring four years ago, I started taking oil painting classes with a Realism Instructor and I’ve tried to capture images more exactly. My goal is to create an image that brings joy to the viewer. My favorite images to paint are flowers as a memorial to my mother who loved to grow flowers and create arrangements.  

More About the Artwork: This painting is based on an arrangement sent to me by the CEO of The Arc NCR and Board Members during a challenging time in our family. The arrangement was enormous and so beautiful! I took a lot of pictures and then used them to create this oil painting. Ann’s Garden is the name of the Florist Shop that created the original arrangement. I took several months of class time to finish this! 

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