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Merry Christmas


Artist: Mia Jackson

Medium/Media: Pencil and Colored Pencil 

More about the Artist: Hello! My name is Mia Jackson, and I am very passionate about art. I would describe myself as funny, smart, and outgoing. Along with drawing, I like to listen to music and dance. Sometimes I like to draw and other times I like to write. Writing and art helps me express myself. In addition, I started to become interested in art my early years of high school. Further, everyday life inspires me in my artwork. Overall, art is something that I love to do, and it can bring people together.  

More About the Artwork: The art piece is something simple and different. I love the Christmas season, so I wanted to make something fun. My drawing depicts a cute mouse and “Merry Christmas” written on it. Surprisingly, the idea of drawing a mouse was very odd, but I went for it. Most people see mice as scary, but I think they are cute. Also, mice have families too, and family is something special during the holiday season. Along with this, it did not take me very long to make this. Previously, I made a mosaic plate for an art piece, so I was ready to try something different and easy. I hope you like it, and it reminds people of cheer and joy that comes with Christmas.  

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