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Patiently Waiting


Artist: Christopher Burkins 

Medium/Media: Digital Photography 

Proceeds from Artwork will be donated to The Arc NCR. 

More about the Artist: I have been a photographer since my senior year of high school when I took a digital photography class. I really enjoyed it and I have been working on photography ever since. My main interests are landscape and nature photography, but I occasionally do still life and street photography. Currently I am a Family and Human Services Major at Towson University, where I am a member of the photography club. Most of my inspiration comes from things I see at the moment 

More about the Artwork: Patiently Waiting was taken in December 2020. I photographed a clementine on a plate by my window. I edited the image in Photoshop using the “dry brush” effect to make it look similar to a painting. I was inspired to make this after hearing news about the COVID-19 vaccine. The stillness in the image reflects all of us patiently waiting. It was also close to the Christmas holiday so it could also be interpreted as patiently waiting for the holiday. 

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