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Openings & Closings

Openings & Closings

Inclement Weather Policy

The Arc NCR will announce plans for inclement weather on station WBAL TV, Radio (l090 AM) and wbal.com and the Arc NCR website www.arcncr.org. The announcement will be made under the name of The Arc NCR so listen very carefully. WE WILL NOT FOLLOW THE HARFORD COUNTY SCHOOLS.  You must listen for our announcement on the above station.  We will have our announcements on by 6 a.m. Phone communication to Arc Staff will begin by 5:30 am through our phone announcement texts. Our website and office phone system will also update with announcements.

It is important for houses to please salt and shovel your driveways and walkways. Drivers are unable to leave their van unattended to assist with door to door service. We need your assistance to keep everyone safe. If we cannot pick up safely we will not be able to pick up the person for services.

TRANSPORTATION 2 HOURS LATE – STAFF REPORT : This means that Arc transportation will be delayed approximately two hours to allow for streets to be cleared.   If it is too late for some workers to go to work, job coaches will contact them at home before pick up time.  Depending on location and condition of your neighborhood and driveway, transportation may not be able to provide service. Please shovel and salt your driveways and sidewalks for safety. Arc Staff report on time to work.

NO TRANSPORTATION – ESSENTIAL STAFF REPORT : This will be announced if transportation cannot safely reach side streets or neighborhoods. Liberal Leave Policy will be in effect for Non-Essential personnel. Essential Staff should contact their supervisor for instructions.  Transportation for Employment Services and Community Partners will not be provided and individuals we support will not be working unless contacted by their job coach.  Essential Staff are expected to report.

EMPLOYMENT SERVICES, COMMUNITY PARTNERS  AND OFFICES CLOSED:  In case of extreme weather conditions only.  Neither individuals we support employees nor Arc staff report. Community Living staff will receive instructions from their supervisor.  NOTE:  Please make sure that Job Coaches and Supervisors have current telephone numbers, as they will notify you of any changes not covered by the announcement.





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