For most Marylanders, a vacation to Ocean City is a standard. However, the COVID-19 pandemic ruined a lot of those vacation plans over the past two years. Colleen, Deb, and Ellen are three roommates who worked with their House Supervisor, Walde, and their support team, to start planning a vacation to Ocean City just before the pandemic hit. Even though their vacation plans were put on hold and postponed over and over due to the pandemic, the roommates never gave up. This October, Colleen, Deb, and Ellen made it to Ocean City and enjoyed it thoroughly. Walde, took many pictures of the roommates enjoying just about everything Ocean City offers. All the team members at The Arc NCR have enjoyed seeing them. This is what thriving in the community looks like and why Colleen, Deb, Ellen, and Walde are nominated as Arc Angels for this 2021 Holiday Season!

Colleen, Deb, and Ellen were fully involved in the planning for their vacation. They created a budget, saved their money, chose the property, the rental car, and the activities they wanted to do in Ocean City. Some of their favorite activities included going to the boardwalk, putt-putt golfing, visiting museums, long walks on the beach, and of course, eating out daily! In addition, they loved trying different types of seafood such as shellfish, lobster, and crab cakes. This trip meant so much to the ladies. They loved it so much that they decided to plan another trip for June 2022 and are already starting the count down.

Congratulations to Colleen, Deb, Ellen, and Walde on being our sixth Arc Angel for the 2021 Holiday Season!

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