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FAQ & Resources

Advocate. Educate. Participate.

This is the tagline for The Arc Northern Chesapeake Region, and a big part of living up to this tagline is in connecting people with the information they need to be empowered.

We support people over, “The Arc of a Lifetime,” from birth to the end of life, covering any life stage or domain they may be in. And, depending on where a person is and what information they are looking for, finding information or resources may prove to be overwhelming. However, we have a great resource to get you started. Click the link below to view our 2021 Resource Guide:

Resources for Families of Children with Differing Abilities Living in Harford County

For inquiries about The Arc Northern Chesapeake Region and our services, click below to view answers to some of our Frequently Asked Questions:

  • The Arc NCR strives to provide state-of-the-art services to empower people with differing abilities to live, work and thrive in the community.
  • The Arc NCR advocates for the rights and full participation of children and adults with differing abilities.
  • The Arc NCR provides services to families through educational and/or medical advocacy, referral services and financial services.
  • The Arc NCR champions legislation and policy that directs resources and decisions to individuals and families.
  • Respect, Self-Determination, Responsiveness and Community Building are the guiding principles of all work that we do to support people with differing abilities.

A developmental disability is defined in federal laws as a severe, chronic, often lifelong physical and/or mental impairments that becomes apparent before the age of 22 including epilepsy, autism and cerebral palsy.

The Arc NCR is a non-profit organization and provider of health and human services, incorporated under the provisions of Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. The Arc NCR is supported through the generous donations from its members, sponsors and individual donors who believe in personally valued lives for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. The Arc NCR also receives finances from private and public government grants as well as funding from government health and human services.

The Arc NCR began in 1953 as a grassroots organization of 10 families who wanted a better life for their children. At that time, children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities were denied basic services such as day care, preschool, education and work programs.

For other inquiries into available resources, click to view our recommended resource links in the dropdown below:

Affordable Colleges Online
Affordable Colleges Online for Students with Disabilities
American Network of Community Options and Resource, ANCOR
Autism Society of America
Cecil County Chamber Commerce
Brain Injury Association
CDC Disability & Health
Cerebral Palsy Guidance
Cerebral Palsy Guide
Epilepsy Foundation of America
Guide on How to Get Scholarships and Grants for Students with Disabilities
Guide to Studying Abroad for Students with Disabilities
Maryland Family Network
Harford County Chamber of Commerce
Harford County Government
Harford County Public Library
Harford County Public Schools
Harford County Special Education
Harford County Special Education Citizen’s Advisory Committee (SECAC)
Cecil County Special Education Citizen’s Advisory Committee
Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) Homepage
Kennedy Krieger Institute
Lakeview Health Systems – Guide to Aspergers syndrome
Maryland Association of Community Services, MACS
Maryland Association of Non-Profits, MANO
Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene
Maryland State Department of Education
Maryland State Legislature
National Council on Disabilities
National Down Syndrome Congress
National Info Center For Children & Youth With Disabilities (NICHCY)
National Federation of the Blind
National Mental Health Association
National Organization for Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
National Organization on Disability
Partners in Policymaking
Pathfinders for Autism
PREP for Social Success: A Guide for Parents of Children with Autism
Ready by 21
SABE (Self-Advocates Learning Empowerment)
Special Needs Attorneys
Suicide and Depression Awareness for Students

The Arc Maryland
The Arc of the US
The House of Representatives, United States of America
The Senate, United States of America
The United Way of Central Maryland
United Cerebral Palsy Association
United States Department of Education
US Department of Health and Human Services
US Department of Housing and Urban Development

Learn Sign Language ASLPro.com was created to be a free resource for the classroom teacher. This serves as an excellent sign language dictionary, offering action videoclips to describe thousands of words from A to Z. Just click on the dictionary link: www.aslpro.com

Please note, while The Arc NCR suggests these resources for more information, we do not necessarily agree with or assume liability for information posted on these pages.