Employment Services


Locating a job and developing a career can be overwhelming. Employment Services offers a proven, systematic approach to assist in obtaining and maintaining successful employment.


Discover and Learn

Discover the strengths, needs, preferences, and ideal conditions of employment through comprehensive assessments and instruction.

  • Participate in community internships
  • Learn work readiness skills
  • Identify ideal conditions for employment

Develop and Explore

Job Developers assist individuals through navigating every aspect of the employment search to ensure the best match.

  • Explore job leads and networking
  • Apply for jobs of interest
  • Speak with hiring managers and interview

Work and Thrive

Personalized on-the-job support assists with learning job skills, problem solving, adapting to the environment, workplace communication and progress monitoring.

  • Obtain the job that fits your skills
  • Receive personalized job training
  • Gain independence through employment

Hire Our Workforce

Learn how businesses can build positive and productive employment partnerships with The Arc NCR.


“I highly recommend hiring someone from The Arc, the only thing is, you can’t have Tyrone. He’s team Huma’.”
Erin Flynn
“Everyone deserves a chance, and once you give them that chance, you can really see the potential that they have to help your organization.”
Sandy Keithley
“The stigma that is attached to adults with intellectual disabilities is often overblown and I would just argue that if you give them a chance you won’t be disappointed.”
Tyler Buck
“We love having Miryana here. She’s a great asset. All the customers love her, and I would highly recommend it to other employers to hire someone from The Arc.”
Kelly Ascenzi

Contact Us

Reach out to the Employment Services team to learn how our services can meet your needs. Click the “Email Employment Services” button to email or call 410-836-7177 and ask for Employment Services.