Governing Board


The Governing Board is responsible for the overall governance of the activities and affairs of The Arc Northern Chesapeake Region (The Arc NCR). It shall develop, review and establish policies and goals for The Arc NCR relevant to its mission and purpose, as well as act on all business and financial matters.  The Governing Board also plays a critical role in setting the culture and values of The Arc NCR.

Headshot of Andrea Parrish

Andrea Harkins-Brown

Johns Hopkins University

Headshot of Harv Luongo

Harv Luongo

Vice Chairperson

Stephanie Dinsmore


Headshot of Michael Bertrand

Michael Bertrand

Kelly Financial Group

Headshot of Jeff Rink

Jeff Rink

Past Chairperson
Harford Mutual Insurance Group

Mike Thatcher

Elected Director
Retired Harford County Public Schools

Colleen Sasdelli

Elected Director
Harford County Public Schools

Linda Foy

Elected Director

Kim Marino

Elected Director
Family Advocate

Eric Rebbert

Elected Director
Peak Partners

Wayne Steedman

Elected Director
The Steedman Law Group, LLC

Josh Delclos

Elected Director
Self Advocate

Dr. Austin Hill

Elected Director
Harford Community College

Joseph Bradley, CFA

Elected Director
United Souvenir and Apparel
VisiAlto Capital Partners