Bravura Information Technology Systems Inc. began supporting The Arc NCR in 2020 as the Fund the Need Sponsor for the After d’Arc Gala. The company increased its level of support and is now the Title Sponsor for our next After d’Arc Gala, which will be taking place on May 13, 2022. Their sponsorship has been especially appreciated as it has helped The Arc NCR during these challenging times, and this is why they have been nominated as one of the 2021 Arc Angels.

For Claudine Adams, CEO of Bravura Information Technology Systems, Inc., supporting the work of The Arc NCR is a moral imperative. During her Title Sponsor message, Claudine shared the following:

“If we can help our brothers and sisters in the community feel productive in their own lives, we are providing something that is invaluable to that individual. All of us want to lead good lives, but to do so we have to help each other. We all have the areas that we need help in; it is just more visible in some than others. We can’t get through this thing called life without helping each other. It is part of our purpose for being here. How we help is to reach out to others and learn. Learn about their world, their life, their needs, and to get out of our own boxes. Taking chances and risks allows us to grow. That’s why I want to support The Arc Northern Chesapeake Region.”

Congratulations to Claudine Adams and the team at Bravura Information Technology Systems, Inc. for supporting people with differing abilities and being our eighth Arc Angel for the 2021 Holiday Season!

As Claudine just described, The Arc NCR needs your support to continue empowering people to live, work, and thrive in the community.  Unfortunately, only a portion of The Arc NCR’s funding comes from the state and government. Therefore, your generous support is critically important to the success of our programs. Help us support people with differing abilities in our local community by clicking here to donate. Check out all of our Arc Angel stories so far by clicking here!