The COVID-19 pandemic forced our Community Partners program to close temporarily. As a result, many lost a critical part of their daily life in maintaining routine friendships and actively engaging with their community. However, now that Community Partners is opening back up, there are lots of happy faces.

We are looking forward to fully reopening as new team members join and allow us to support everyone in all of our support services.

Our Community Partners program focuses on building life skills that center on health, wellness, and personal independence by offering education and training paired with practical experiences within the community. This program has been especially meaningful for Devin, Jordan, and Andrew, as they enjoy being together on community outings. When the Community Partners program began to reopen, these three guys were so happy to be together again. They reunited at the Havre de Grace Boardwalk, which is one of their favorite spots in the county. This moment was captured in the photograph above and reflects the meaningful interactions that Community Partners offers to people supported in our community. Congratulations to Devin, Jordan, and Andrew, who are our tenth Arc Angel for the 2021 Holiday Season! The Arc NCR needs your support to continue empowering people to live, work and thrive in the community. Unfortunately, only a portion of The Arc NCR’s funding comes from the state and government. Your generous support is critically important to the success of our programs. Help us support people with differing abilities in our local community by clicking here to donate. Check out all of our Arc Angel stories so far by clicking here!