Our Employee Services department recently shared a fantastic workplace achievement. Cian, a cashier at Bed Bath & Beyond in Bel Air was recently named “hero of the week” for going above and beyond in his job. Cian’s achievement displays The Arc NCR’s mission of empowering people to live, work and thrive in the community, and this is why Cian has been nominated as one of the 2021 Arc Angels. 

The Employment Services Department of The Arc NCR is very proud of Cian and shared the “hero of the week” article from Bed Bath and Beyond.

“Kudos to Cian, who discovered an opportunity to make a difference. During a recent shift, Cian noticed that an elderly shopper had pulled up in front of the store but had difficulty exiting his car with crutches. Wanting to help, Cian reached out to the Lead on Duty (LOD) to see what they could do, and both he and the LOD approached the car and offered their assistance. Cian soon learned that the shopper was on a mission to find a new bathmat for his wife. However, he was having difficulty getting out of the car and didn’t understand how online ordering works. By asking the shopper some open-ended questions, Cian was able to better understand what the customer was looking for, and he went inside to pick out two bathmats that fit the bill. Our customer was delighted with the products Cian presented and made the purchase! More importantly, he couldn’t believe how Cian went above and beyond just for him and thanked Cian for his outstanding customer service. Way to go, Cian — you’re our Hero of the Week!”

The Employment Services team and all of us at The Arc Northern Chesapeake Region are proud of Cian’s success in his employment and his devotion to his job. Congratulations to Cian on being our fourth Arc Angel for the 2021 Holiday Season! The Arc NCR needs your support to continue empowering people to live, work and thrive in the community. Unfortunately, only a portion of The Arc NCR’s funding comes from the state and government. Your generous support is critically important to the success of our programs. Help us support people with differing abilities in our local community by clicking here to donate. Check out all of our Arc Angel stories so far by clicking here!