Our Family Support Services program continues to support hundreds of families in our community, with many seeking resources to help raise a child with differing abilities so they can live their best life. When schooling went virtual due to the pandemic, there was an even greater influx of families seeking support as their children had lost their regular routines and were now struggling. Many have significantly struggled and have regressed in their schooling and even in their health. One such family was referred to The Arc Northern Chesapeake Region by Harford County Department of Social Services, the Leiva family. 

It has been an honor for our Family Support Services program to support this amazing family, to connect them with the resources they were in such desperate need of obtaining. They came to us in crisis. Both parents had to leave their jobs to provide care for their daughter Mida. Their courage and persistence to get the help they needed for their daughter is inspiring, and this is why the Leiva family is nominated as one of our 2021 Arc Angels. 

After moving from Baltimore to Harford County and school transitioning to a virtual platform during the pandemic, Mida’s physical and mental health declined rapidly. In an interview, Mida’s parent’s stated, “The position that we’re in is that we’re trying to become stronger to help Mida and working hard to help our daughter. We’re supporting her by finding more services for her today and for her future. We want her to have a good life. We’re very happy with the help we received because prior to that help, we were at the very bottom and had very little money and not much else. We were trying to find information for where to get food. Who could help us? The mortgage was due, so we talked to the bank about giving us additional time to make a payment the following month or when we had the money to make the payment. And at the right moment, you arrived and gave us the help we needed. And it’s greatly appreciated because that helped us greatly. With your help, and with me finding some additional work, it’s a sigh of relief. God bless everyone that worked to help us receive the financial help we needed to pay our rent. Thank you. God is going to bless you.”

Mida and the Leiva family have now been connected with dozens of resources in our community through Family Support Services. They are getting back on their feet after this challenging time.

Mida’s mom encourages other families in similar circumstances by saying, “Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Don’t be afraid. We have to do it for our children.”

Congratulations to the Leiva family for being open to share their story and being our seventh Arc Angel for the 2021 Holiday Season! The Arc NCR needs your support to continue empowering people to live, work and thrive in the community. Unfortunately, only a portion of The Arc NCR’s funding comes from the state and government. Your generous support is critically important to the success of our programs. Help us support people with differing abilities in our local community by clicking here to donate. Check out all of our Arc Angel stories so far by clicking here!