Name: April M.
Department: Community Living
Years in company: 10 Years, 1 Month

Nominated By:
Name: Nena P.
Position: Assistant Director

Here are the Highlights from April’s nomination:

Top Attributes:

  • Organized
  • Thorough
  • Leader

April advocated for one of the people we support with informed decision making when this person wanted to choose another home to live. April made sure she was making the right decision for herself and not being prompted to do so. April always puts advocacy at the forefront of all her decision making in her career at The Arc NCR.

April leads by example when supporting her team.  She shows them things that she did as a Supervisor to help them with their daily tasks. She recommends adding items to a “TO DO” list and she believes in using the Outlook calendar to stay on task.  April is a great communicator which is very important in her role. April has great ideas that she brings to the department which helps the entire team. She is a great leader here at The Arc NCR!