Name: Rebecca R.
Department: Community Living
Years in company: 1 Year

Nominated By:
Name: Ruth J.
Position: House Supervisor

Here are the Highlights from Rebecca’s nomination:

Top Attributes:

  • Attention to detail
  • Supportive
  • Advocate

Very pleasant and works well with the person she supports 1-1. She is very attentive to this person’s needs and realizes the importance of supporting and including his input in making decisions. She is very attentive to this person’s needs and recognizes when he is uncomfortable. Rebecca will take on the responsibility of checking on medication and ensures they are not discontinued or expired.  She is a great advocate of the person she supports!

Community Participation:
Rebecca takes the person she provides 1:1 supports to out to lunch, the park, or boardwalk.  She also offers to sit with him for lunch at the back of the house when it is cooler.  He enjoys doing this and appreciates that she sits with him.  Rebecca is involved in building his independence and encourages him in trying to do a little more daily.