Name: Richard “Dickie” M.
Department: Job Coach Supervisor
Years in company: 5 Months

Nominated By:
Name: Sherry K.
Position: DORS Supervisor

Here are the Highlights from Dickie’s nomination:

Top Attributes:

  • Honest
  • Thoughtful
  • Creative

Mission Driven:
Dickie is a strong advocate for people we support who participate in the Employment Services program. He is not afraid to ask questions if he feels it is in the best interest of the person. He genuinely cares and he is passionate about wanting to make a difference.  He is a working Supervisor, which means he is out in the field supporting people, as well as his employees, as needed.  Recently, he worked a Saturday to cover for an employee and to support a person who was struggling. By the end of the shift, the person he supported was meeting task completion expectations using a picture task list that he created. Dickie helped this young man meet with success by reducing his anxiety and providing encouragement.

Dickie works alongside his team. He listens to feedback and strives to make necessary improvements to benefit his team. He acknowledges when he makes mistakes and is humble. His communication skills are excellent, and people gravitate to him because of his genuine kindness. He is a bridge builder, a doer, and an absolute joy to be around. Dickie is an amazing person and an asset to this department. He is one of the finest leaders that I have had the opportunity to work with and inspires me as a Supervisor. His positivity is genuine and infectious. He makes me smile and feel valued. He is a person of integrity and I have the up most respect for him.