An Employer Embracing Inclusion

Inclusion has become a buzzword in our society, especially in workplace mottos. It is a common goal which many strive toward, but a difficult one to measure. Inclusion exists on a personal level, outside of analytics, where there is an unspoken understanding that a person is able to truly be themself. At GXO, a distribution center in Harford County, MD, inclusion is a core value, and its measure is easy to see. 

GXO has partnered with The Arc NCR’s Employment Services program to hire from a workforce pool which many other employers have overlooked. Workforce candidates with differing abilities push organizations to be more inclusive in terms of their hiring processes, training, and scheduling. And with all these items, GXO found great success in partnering with The Arc NCR. 

GXO provided accommodations for “working interviews,” as opposed to traditional sit down and speak interviews. This allowed a much better appreciation of what candidates had to offer for specific job skills and how they could perform in the workplace environment. With training, The Arc NCR Job Coaches were embraced, and trained as well, to ensure the best possible support could be provided. And, with scheduling, GXO worked with The Arc NCR to create two 4-hour shifts as a job share so that people could work the hours that are best for them. 

All these actions taken by GXO put forward their core value of inclusion, and the employment partnership has been so successful that GXO has now hired seven people from The Arc NCR.

Ashley, a woman of few words, was one of the first hired in this partnership over three years ago, and to see her engaged with her work and the team around her is a great measure of the inclusiveness of GXO because of that unspoken understanding that she is truly able to be herself. 

Jason Rapposelli, Senior Manager, Operations for GXO was there as Ashley started and is proud that at GXO, “everyone has a seat at the table. Our Arc team members are employees just like everyone else, held to the same exact standards and enshrouded by the same exact core values that everyone else is.”

The Arc NCR needs your support to continue empowering people to live, work and thrive in the community. Unfortunately, only a portion of The Arc NCR’s funding comes from the state and government. Your generous support is critically important to the success of our programs, such as being able to find inclusive employers like GXO through Employment Services. Help us support people with differing abilities in our local community by clicking here to donate

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