The 2022 Employee of the Year by the Harford County Commission on Disabilities

Like many people, Sylva lost her previous job at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. While disappointed, she did not give up on her goal to find meaningful employment in the community. Sylva began working at United Souvenir & Apparel over one year ago. She started out as a “catcher” which meant she was responsible for folding, grouping, counting, and checking for print mistakes on multiple different pieces of souvenir wear. These items could range from shirts/hoodies to tote bags and glasses. Recently, Sylva asked to try a different task out because she wanted to expand her knowledge of the different stages of production for these items. Sylva now tags items when they get finished printing after they are taken to her station.  Sylva’s coworkers and supervisors enjoy working with her and look forward to her bright smile every day at work. Sylva also helps coworkers that are behind on orders or even when they just need an extra hand. She’s always there to help!

Sylva is also focused on other personal goals, including learning how to drive. Sylva is now pursuing getting her learner’s permit so that she can build her independence.  Her main end goal is to be able to transport herself to and from work.

Having been recognized for overcoming barriers and exhibiting exceptional ability through her employment at United Souvenir and Apparel, Sylva has been recognized as the 2022 Employee of the Year by the Harford County Commission on Disabilities.

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